Q Are there different nomination categories for induction?

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Yes.  There are four main induction categories.

  The first category is for any Mynderse male/female athlete or coach.  The coach must have coached at Mynderse for at least five years.

  The second category is for lifetime contributors.  This maybe a person who may or may not have been an athlete while a student at Mynderse but has contributed greatly to the advancement of Mynderse athletics over an lengthy period of time.

  The third category is reserved for Mynderse Academy Athletic team(s).  Any team that has achieved something special or extraordinary is worthy of nomination.

  The fourth category is the "Forerunner to Title IX" category.  Prior to 1972 female athletes were not given the same interscholastic competition opportunities as their male classmates.  Therefore, it is unfair to compare a male athletes accomplishments to a female athlete prior to 1972.  The Hall of Fame Committee recognizes that there were some outstanding female athletes prior to 1972.  The committee actively seeks out nomination of these, pre 1972, female athletes.