Frank Knight Student’s Doughnut Design Becomes a Reality

Ms. Lois Dugo, a second-grade distance learning teacher, gave her students an assignment in the fall to design a doughnut using Google Slides and write an opinion piece "selling" it. She asked Chris Wagner at Bayard Bakery to select a winner. He chose two winners to make in his bakery. Ada Sinicropi's S'more doughnut was sold at the bakery in December, with 50 cents from each sale going to Ms. Dugo's classroom, for a total of $114.

Connor Shoemaker's Blueberry Ocean doughnut is a blueberry doughnut topped with a light coating of blue vanilla frosting and a little salt. This doughnut debuted last Saturday and will be available throughout the week. Here’s what Connor had to say about his doughnut:

“In the summer you think of an ocean. Well with a blueberry ocean donut you can have an ocean in your hand. With a blueberry donut to start you have a light coating of blue vanilla frosting and topped with a little salt. It will make you want more.”

Once again, Chris Wagner, owner of Bayard Bakery, will donate 50 cents from each sale to Ms. Dugo’s classroom. Ms. Dugo said the class is discussing how to spend that donation. 

Thank you to Chris Wagner for supporting this project!