Internships, Job Shadowing, and Possible Employment Opportunities

Connecting students with experiences that will prepare them for a career has been and continues to be a focus at Mynderse Academy. One way to accomplish this is through an internship, job shadowing, and/or employment. We are fortunate to have community partners who allow our students the opportunity to engage in a “real-life” experience to not only learn about specific careers, but actually participate in the field. 

Mrs. Stevers has worked to build these partnerships over the past few years and continues to do so. This year alone, she has helped our students secure internships with the following businesses/individuals:

Generations Bank - 2 paid internships

Seneca Falls Historical Society - 1 paid internship

Dr. Greg French - 1 paid position - dental assistant training

Andrew Meister - Athletic Trainer - shadowing for 3 students in-house

Thank you to each one of these businesses/individuals for providing our students with these incredible experiences. Thank you to Mrs. Stevers for continuing to work with our community partners on behalf of our students.  

Mynderse Academy students, if you’re interested in job shadowing or an internship, please see Mrs. Stevers in the counseling office.