Frank Knight Students Win Doughnut Design Contest

Ms. Lois Dugo, a second-grade distance learning teacher, gave her students an assignment to design a doughnut using Google Slides and write an opinion piece "selling" it.  She asked Chris Wagner at Bayard Bakery to select a winner.  He chose two winners to make in his new bakery.  Ada Sinicropi's S'more doughnut was a chocolate doughnut with marshmallow filling, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chunks, and mini-marshmallows.  This doughnut was sold at the bakery, with 50 cents from each sale going to Ms. Dugo's classroom.  Connor Shoemaker's Blueberry Ocean doughnut is a blueberry doughnut topped with a light coating of blue vanilla frosting and a little salt.  This doughnut will be sold in the summer.
The reward for the rest of the class?  A gift certificate purchased by Ms. Dugo for a doughnut!  That's a sweet deal!
Ada's doughnut.jpg