Click HERE to see the video from #BeTheLight.

Schools across America are lighting up their stadiums to honor of the Class of 2020. On May 1st, at 8:20 PM (or 20:20 military time) our stadium lights on Bracht Field turned on for approximately 20 minutes to let our graduating seniors know we love them, honor them and to remind them to keep shining. It was a symbol of hope and assurance that they are in our hearts and minds and a way to celebrate all that they have accomplished in the last thirteen years of their education.

Students, families, and community members gathered in the Middle School parking lot behind our Seneca Falls police and Seneca Falls Fire Department. At 8:15, they pulled out of the lot and drove toward Bracht Field with lights blazing and sirens blaring. The parade of cars around Bracht Field was incredible and lasted for about twenty minutes, with horns blaring and people waving. Mynderse Academy teachers and administrators stood masked along the parade route waving and holding signs for the senior class. An incredible experience! 

We are in this together.
We are family.
We are Mynderse.