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March 3, 2020

Dear Parents:

On February 25, 2020, the community passed a capital project referendum. On February 27, 2020, the Seneca Falls Board of Education awarded bids to contractors relative to this capital project. The District’s transportation and maintenance facility on Butler Avenue will be greatly impacted during the project.

Our transportation facility will be completely demolished and rebuilt. While we do not have an exact start date at this time, the work could start in the very near future. Without access to our current facility during the project, we will be moving our entire Seneca Falls CSD Transportation Department to the Seneca Falls Town Facility at 24 Oak Street. The move will take place during the April break. We will have access to office space, garage space for maintenance and parking space for a majority of our buses.

Contact information will remain the same in regards to email and phone numbers for the Transportation Department. Due to accessibility at the Oak Street Facility, it will be easiest to call ahead if you need to arrange a meeting or drop off paper work.

The construction of this new facility may cause some inconveniences, but we are confident our new facility will be a vast improvement and one that community members will appreciate and benefit from. On behalf of the Seneca Falls School District and the Board of Education, I would like to thank the Town of Seneca Falls Board, Water Department and Highway Department for their willingness to collaborate with the District to allow us to use their space at 24 Oak Street. The Town has made it a very smooth transition for the District and their partnership is greatly appreciated.

The move to the Oak Street Facility should not affect bus routes. There will however, be an increase in traffic and noise in the Oak Street neighborhood due to our transportation department operations at the Town’s facility. The department may operate out of this facility for approximately eighteen months. As a District, we will do our best to minimize the noise, but additional noise will be inevitable.

Again, all emails and numbers for the District’s Transportation Department will remain the same. If a meeting is necessary or you need to drop off paper work, I encourage you to call and arrange a time to do so as accessibility to the offices is presently a challenge due to the layout of the facility. Once again, I thank the Town of Seneca Falls for their willingness to collaborate with the District as we appreciate their support during the capital project.

Transportation Contact Information:
Office phone number- 315-568-5500, ext. 3450

Transportation Director- Deb Burnham

Thank you,
Jeramy Clingerman and the Seneca Falls Central School District Facilities Committee