Superintendent Bob McKeveny Receives ASCD Service Award

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Annual Awards recognize emerging and established educational leaders and shares their exemplary practices with the education community. Every year, the Genesee Valley Chapter of the ASCD selects three winners from an annual nominations’ process. Superintendent Mr. Bob McKeveny was the recipient of this year's Service Award honoring his dedication and strong commitment to the field of education and the Seneca Falls Central School District. Mr. Ted Novak, retired Principal of Elizabeth Cady Stanton School presented the award to Mr. McKeveny and thanked him for his outstanding contributions to our school and community.

McKeveny started in Seneca Falls as an elementary principal in 1992 and it wasn’t long before the Board of Education recognized his extraordinary ability to be an educational leader, gaining support from not only his staff but parents and students as well. As he grew professionally, the Board transferred him to the Middle School to stabilize and support that building. His leadership not only improved the school, but it also drew greater attention to his special ability to lead. 

Angela Perrotto, Chair of the SUNY Oswego Educational Administration Program, aptly identified Bob’s special talent, “What comes naturally to Bob is his ability to build strong relationships. He does this through a deep sense of understanding life, education, purpose, and conditions. He builds relationships by listening first and understanding the human condition.” Bob values everyone and that value builds a deep and sincere level of trust and respect.  That trust and respect generate staff motivation to follow his curriculum initiatives.  Most importantly, that trust and respect translate into a willingness by staff to change, adapt, and become more effective.

As Bob professionally rose to the Superintendent level in 2008, he brought that same level of trust, respect, and leadership to the entire school district.  Former Seneca Falls Superintendent Gerald Macaluso states, “Bob’s compassion, integrity, professionalism, and love of community as Principal of the Seneca Falls Middle School only foreshadowed the type of Superintendent he would become during his tenure.” 

Students, parents and the community recognized his special abilities. His wife, Linda, provided an example of Bob’s interaction with students.  She states, "Every student in the district knows who he is. We were having dinner at Friendly’s in Geneva when a continuous flow of students from kindergarten to high school kept coming over to say hello or give him a ‘high five’. The people eating next to us finally asked him, Who are you? Are you a celebrity?”

Retired Seneca Falls Police Chief Frederick Capozzi says, “He makes a point to know each student, and is heard giving them a positive and encouraging word.”

Bob is recognized both locally and statewide. Over the years, he has tirelessly campaigned to our State’s legislators and Commissioner of Education in an effort to improve education.

Bob agreed to become an adjunct faculty member of the SUNY Oswego Educational Leadership Program. Ms. Perrotto states that Bob declared, “its time for me to give back to our future leaders”.  Ms. Perrotto expressed it best when she said, “As a 40 year veteran of public education, I value my professional relationship with Bob. He has served as my ‘go to’ person when I need feedback on educational issues or plans to improve leadership programs.”  She further adds, “Our Oswego students have a deep respect for Bob and continue to contact him for leadership advice and mentoring years after their graduation and throughout their educational leadership careers.” In 2017, Bob received the Program Supporter Award from the Oswego school of Educational Administration.

In addition to his professional skills and abilities, Bob is a positive force in our community. He has served on the Seneca County United Way Board and is a long time member of the Seneca Falls Rotary - both organizations focus on service by helping others.  Chief Capozzi commented, “Bob is not only an asset to our district but also to our community. He shows dedication, compassion, and professionalism within our schools and to all residents of Seneca Falls.”

Seneca Falls has an annual community event in December – Wonderful Life Weekend, which commemorates the classic movie by the same name.  The Wonderful Life Board honored Bob presenting him with the first “George Bailey Award” -  an award given each year to a resident that contributes to the lives of others in the community.

Bob is a father of 3 successful young adults, Matt, Colin & Molly, two grandchildren Finn & Mae and husband to Linda, a prominent high school Spanish teacher. He has served the Seneca Falls district for twenty-seven years. Four years as Elementary Principal, twelve years as Middle School Principal and eleven years as Superintendent. He plans to retire at the end of this school year and will be missed. #SFCSDPROUD

                                      Assmblyman Brian Kolb with Bob McKeveny and school officials      Superintendent Bob McKeveny and Education Commisioner Elia with school officials                                                                           Bob McKeveny reads to Frank Knight Students      Senator Pam Helming and Bob McKeveny smiling