Seneca Falls Public Library Tax Levy Request on School Ballot

The Seneca Falls Public Library is seeking a tax levy increase of $15,000.  The request will be included as one of the four propositions on the ballot at the May 21st annual School District Budget Vote.  The Library is seeking a new tax levy of $292,000.  The levy is currently $277,000. 

The Public Library tax levy does not impact the School District tax levy.  However, the School District is responsible for facilitating public votes on tax levy requests and collecting the annual tax levy for Public Library operations.

The Seneca Falls community residents are encouraged to vote on May 21st, from 12 noon to 8:00 pm, at the Mynderse Academy front lobby.

The Seneca Falls Public Library Tax Levy proposition will read as follows:

Proposition: Shall the sum of two-hundred ninety-two thousand dollars ($292,000) be raised by annual levy of a tax upon the taxable property within the Seneca Falls Central School District for the purpose of funding the Seneca Falls Library?