Important Message from Superintendent Bob McKeveny

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you may be aware, the city of Geneva has experienced concerns regarding children being approached and/or spoken to by strangers as they travel to and from school during the past few days.  We also received information from the Seneca County Sheriff that a similar concern occurred in the South Seneca CSD area last week.  Given these reports, the Seneca County Sheriff has issued a press release advising parents and students to exercise caution and greater awareness in walking to and from school.
This message is to urge parents to speak with your children about safety procedures, be aware of surroundings, and avoid walking alone to and from school at this time.  
While we have received no reports of such concerns in Seneca Falls, this message is to make all aware and encourage communication.  We will be doing the same thing here at school.  
I have also been made aware that SFPD officers will provide greater patrol and supervision of walking routes over the next few days.
Thanks for your attention to this reminder.  If your child encounters situations involving strangers on their way to and from school, they should call or inform you, the school, and/or law enforcement as soon as possible.
Thanks for your assistance as we reinforce safety procedures with our children.

Bob McKeveny