• Promoting Student Success

    Seneca Falls Central School District offers a K-12 educational program designed to prepare students for success now and in the future. We are dedicated to educating the whole child through academic, social, and emotional support in the preparation of meeting the rigorous demands of the global economy.  Our priority is to support the development of well-rounded citizens and positive contributors to the community and world, now and throughout their lives.

    Academic Intervention Services (AIS):

    At all schools, Academic Intervention Services (AIS) enhance the learning of students who qualify by either supporting or extending learning outcomes.

    Advanced Studies:

    The district provides accelerated and advanced learning opportunities for students at the Middle School and the High School.

    Counseling and Student Services:

    Our Support Service Providers are committed to serving each student’s educational, personal, vocational, and social needs. The team consists of guidance counselors, school psychologists, health professionals, school counselors, and social workers who serve throughout the school district.

    New York State Report Cards:

    Each year, the New York State Education Department releases a report card showing the academic achievement levels of every school and district in the state. 

    Click here to see the ELA Report Card.

    Click here to see the Math Report Card.

    Project Lead the Way

    Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is about applying engineering, science, math, and technology to solve complex, open-ended problems in a real-world context. Students focus on the process of defining and solving a problem, not on getting the "right" answer. They learn how to apply STEM knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to make the world a better place through innovation. Students demonstrate their knowledge throughout the courses by completing activities, projects, and problems using a variety of assessment tools.

    Response to Intervention Services

    Response to Intervention (RtI) is designed to identify students who may be at-risk for poor academic performance and intervene by providing supplemental interventions targeted to their learning needs. The overall purpose of RtI at Seneca Falls Central School District is to help students achieve the learning standards in English language arts and mathematics in grades K-8 and social studies and science in grades 4-8.

    RtI integrates assessment and intervention within a multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement.  With RtI, SFCSD uses data to 1) identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes, 2) monitor student progress, 3) provide evidence-based interventions, and adjust the intensity and nature of those interventions depending on a student’s responsiveness, and 4) identify students with learning disabilities.

    Special Education: 

    Seneca Falls Central School District offers special education programs in the least restrictive environment.

    Testing Information: 

    Our students take a number of exams each year, including New York State tests, Regents exams, Advanced Placement tests, ACTs, SATs and PSATs.