District Mission and Vision Statements

  • Our Mission Statements

    Seneca Falls School District

    The mission of the Seneca Falls Central School District is to provide quality educational opportunities and experiences for all students in a safe and positive environment that promotes academic excellence.

    Mynderse Academy

    To provide equitable educational opportunities and experiences for all students which will ensure academic excellence and develop responsible citizens.

    Seneca Falls Middle School

    To provide an education in a positive, safe, secure school environment which meets the needs of the whole child during early adolescent years.

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School

    The Elizabeth Cady Stanton community is dedicated to developing academic excellence, independence and self-esteem in each child.

    Frank Knight Elementary School

    In recognizing that ALL children are unique, the responsibility of the community, parents and staff of Frank Knight School is to create:
    A literate environment making language meaningful to ALL children in order to develop accurate communicators.
    An academic environment allowing ALL children to grow and develop to their highest potential.
    A nurturing environment fostering success and self-confidence for ALL children.

    Vision of Excellence

    Over 150 years, the residents of the Seneca Falls Central School District have valued quality education in their community and that tradition continues with this current vision of education.

    A Safe Learning Environment

    All students have a right to equal educational opportunities.
    Regardless of a child’s circumstances, teachers can positively influence his/her life.
    Education shall promote the overall health and wellness of the individual.
    Technology enables students to expand their educational horizons and opportunities.
    Technology shall be utilized to be competitive at all levels of education and into the workforce.
    The District shall strive for excellence within the bounds of the available resources.

    The Development of the Student

    Education shall reinforce the core values of integrity and honesty.
    Education shall incorporate Character Education.
    Schools shall promote respect for self and others as well as an appreciation and understanding of diversity.
    Education shall help people become productive members of society.
    Students must be challenged to maximize their potential.

    A Commitment towards Collaboration and Communication

    Education shall be the collective responsibility of the school, parents, community and students.
    Students, parents, staff and the larger community must all be kept informed of the consequences of decisions and actions relating to education within the district.
    Education must help students become effective verbal and written communicators.

    A Focus on Student Learning

    Learning shall be enjoyable, challenging and inspirational.
    Education shall foster basic skills, critical thinking and creativity.
    Each student shall explore learning opportunities beyond those, which take place in the classroom.
    Students shall be active participants in defining their own learning processes.
    Education shall provide students with daily opportunities to experience success.
    Learning is an ongoing, lifelong process