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    Social Studies Lab is a class designed to help students master social studies content and prepare for the Global 10 History and Geography Regents exam. When students enter the classroom - they are guided through the curriculum in a small groups, are able to ask questions and can get extra help on homework and essay assignments. I also have regular Regents review classes throughout the year and take time to work with many seniors on their CIA papers.

    Students who are regularly assigned to Social Studies Lab will need to bring their social studies binder and something to write with each day. They will also need to bring one pack of white 3"x5" index cards that they will leave here in the classroom.

    The lab is also always open each day for all students who have questions or need extra help. Times will vary as I have a full schedule - but students can check in with me to find a time that works for us both. Many students also just come for a quiet place to work and my room is often full. I am also available for help during 10th period.

    There are many methods to help students learn and retain material. Please stop in and see me for methods, copies of review packets and maps that are very helpful for mastering the material. It is never too early to start studying for the Regents exam! 

    Mrs. Doell  :)