• For the 2019-2020 academic year, the Seneca Falls Middle School (Grades 6-8) and Mynderse Academy (Grades 9-12) will modify their current bell schedule.  

    The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has indicated that we need to add instructional minutes at Mynderse Academy and Seneca Falls Middle School to comply with regulations and receive our district's share of state aid.  Given the requirement made of us by NYSED, we will transition to 42 minute periods and 3 minutes of passing time between classes, beginning this school year (2019-20).  Period 10 will become 30 minutes.  The first dismissal will be at 2:18 pm.  The timeline and proposed schedule is listed below.  The SFCS District Steering Committee will review the schedule through the year and make any recommendations for future modifications to the Board of Education.



    • District Informed of Non-Compliance (State Aid Hours Requirement)
    • 10th period no longer counts toward hours of instruction
    • Work session with building principals on Schedule Revision


    • Information to Board of Education 
    • Discussion with High School/Middle School Teachers (Presented Option)
    • Requested and Reviewed Feedback on Schedule Change
    • Reviewed Potential Schedule Change with District Steering Committee


    • Letter and Revised Schedule to Parents
    • Information Session for Parents (May 29)

    Proposed Schedule 

    Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls Middle School 2019 - 2020 Daily Bell Schedule

    • Period l     7:35 am - 8:18 am
    • Period 2    8:21 am - 9:03 am
    • Period 3    9:06 am -9:48 am
    • Period 4    9:51 am -10:33 am
    • Period 5   10:36 am -11:18 am (Lunch #1)
    • Period 6   11:21 am -12:03 pm (Lunch #2)
    • Period 7   12:06 pm -12:48 pm (Lunch #3)
    • Period 8   12:51 pm -1:33 pm
    • Period 9    1:36 pm - 2:18 pm (Bus 2:23 pm)
    • Period 10   2:25-2:55 (Acad. Assist. - Bus 3:07 pm)
    • Period 11   3:00 - 4:00 pm (Clubs/Detention - Bus 4:00 pm)

    Period 10 Academic Assistance - Teacher Assignment of Students & Open Student Attendance for review, reteaching, missed class lessons, missed assignments, assistance with difficult concepts, etc.).

    Questions and Answers

    1.  How does this change affect Period 10 Academic Assistance?

    Period 10 Academic Assistance will decrease to 30 minutes.  With each period increasing 2 minutes, 10th period will need to decrease in time in order to stay within the transportation schedule.

    2.  How does the change affect class transition time?

    Transition time will decrease from 4 to 3 minutes.

    3.  Will this change affect transportation at Grades K-5?

    Currently, once buses leave the MS/HS, they drop Gr. 6-12 students at home, then report to Frank Knight.  Since the secondary run will be leaving the buildings at 2:23, instead of 2:15 in the past, additional transfer buses maybe needed to transport students from Frank Knight Elementary school to Cady Stanton.  The transfer buses will give the secondary bus runs the time needed to make it to Cady Stanton in time.

    4.  Will this change affect music instruction during period 10?

    Jazz band will be practicing from 2:25 to 2:55 PM.  The buses will hold off until about 3:07 to allow those students the time needed to go to lockers and prepare for going home.  


    2019-20 Printable Bell Schedule