• Message from Superintendent, Robert McKeveny


    Dear Seneca Falls CSD Community Members,

    The Seneca Falls Central School District Board of Education has approved a resolution establishing a Capital Improvement Project proposition for district residents. The submission of this proposition to voters is the result of a three-year process, which included a required NYS Education Department Five Year Facilities Plan and Buildings Condintion Survey, as well as the completion of needs assessment surveys by district staff and steering committees (consisting of school staff, parents, and community members). A variety of educational enhancements, health & safety, maintenance and efficiency items have been identified and carried forward in the proposition, which will be put before voters on Tuesday, December 19, 2017, from 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm, in the Mynderse Academy Senior High School lobby. The wide variety of identified projects will enable the district to continue to meet its core mission of providing quality educational opportunities to students in current day learning environments, continue to assume responsibility of maintaining buildings and grounds, as well as promote safe school environments.

    The following are some of the details related to the project goals of Educational Enhancements, Health, Safety, and Maintenance, and Energy Efficiencies.

    Educational Enhancements

    - Complete renovation and redesign of Mynderse Academy High School Science classrooms, renovation of Mynderse Academy gymnasium and locker rooms, carpet replacement and upgraded lighting at the Mynderse Academy Performing Arts Center, and Frank Knight School learning spaces for potential Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program.

    Health & Safety, Maintenance, and Efficiencies

    - This project will enable the district to address traffic congestion at Cady Stanton School by creating additional parking in the front of the school to allow the rear parking lot to be dedicated to drop-offs/pick-ups and parent parking. The addition of a sidewalk from the Cady Stanton School rear parking lot to front door will also allow parents and guests to easily access the main entrance. This project will also include restroom renovations at three of the schools. The project will also include replacement of the Mynderse Academy hot water tank, milling & paving of various district driveways and parking lots, as well as HVAC unit upgrades at Frank Knight School.


    - After receiving failing grades on the past two Building Conditions Surveys, this project includes the demolition and replacement of the Bus Garage. The construction of a new Transportation Center provides numerous efficiencies for the district. New construction, coupled with all other work occurring in this project, allows the district to receive maximum building aid. Thus, the Board of Education and District Administration feel that it is much more fiscally responsible to engage in a project that receives the greatest amount of state aid.

    The Board of Education and District Administration considered numerous project needs, but developed a final scope of work that addresses needs and is fiscally responsible. The proposed project would not require any additional tax dollars from residents. The local cost (non-state aidable portion of the project) would be covered from funds in the District’s Capital Building Reserve Fund.

    Pending successful approval of the proposition by community residents, design plans would be developed by the architectural engineers and submitted to the New York State Education Department. Once the plans are approved in the succeeding twelve months, projects will be released for bid and contracts will be awarded. Construction and renovation work would begin in the Spring/Summer of 2019 and would occur over a one-year period of me.

    Special thanks to all Seneca Falls Central School District community residents for continued support of all district programs. Also, thanks for considering all the details related with the proposed Capital Improvement Project.

    Sincerely, Mr. Robert McKeveny, Superintendent of Schools


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