• Commencement of the Capital Project



    The design and development portion of the Seneca Falls School District Capital Project has begun.  Over the next several months, architects from King & King Associates will be meeting with school district personnel as they begin to present design ideas to the school district.  This collaborative portion of the project provides for an exploratory approach in the development of the final design. Ideas, designs and layouts will be discussed until that final design is produced.

    This web site will serve as a link to the general public.  When the design enters its final stages, information will be posted for all to see.

    Over the next several months, check back here to see what progress has been made.  Please note that this phase, along with the NYS approval process, are very time consuming.  Once the project begins, photographs of actual construction and re-construction will be posted several times a week.

    Please stay tuned. 

    Click here for a Slideshow of the Project: SF Project Slideshow