School Psychologist's Corner - Seneca Falls Middle School/Mynderse Academy

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    Dear Parents,

    Through the ages we have learned persistence and hard work are the keys to success.  Without persistence and hard work it is difficult to achieve any goal, no matter how strongly someone wants us to achieve it.  As the School Psychologist at Seneca Falls Middle School and Mynderse Academy, I am here along with my dedicated colleagues to support your children, and help them learn how to be persistent, work hard, and overcome challenges.  I hope this web site answers questions you have regarding the role of the School Psychologist, and how you can access the comprehensive services available at our school. 

    Please contact me either through e-mail: or via the phone (315) 568-5500  ext. 2031 with any questions or concerns.  

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Jennifer A. Palmer, M.S., NCSP
    Nationally Certified School Psychologist
    Seneca Falls Middle School/Mynderse Academy