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Welcome to the Seneca Falls Central School District!

The Seneca Falls Central School District is composed of four schools; Frank Knight Elementary School (K - 2), Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School (3 - 5), Seneca Falls Middle School (6 - 8), and Mynderse Academy Senior High School (9 - 12). Approximately, 1,240 students are educated by a dedicated and committed faculty and staff in the district's four schools.

The District is invested in a Strategic Planning process with focused goals and action plans. The plan is monitored and adjusted by the District Steering Committee and approved by the Board of Education. The District is committed to implementing a Blended/Personalized Learning approach. There is an emphasis on classroom instruction that maximizes student engagement and empowerment. This allows for more student “voice and choice”. Digital tools and digital content allows students to actively engage in the learning process. Targeted instruction through data-informed processes allows students to learn at their own level. Increased opportunities for student "voice and choice" allow students to be a key stakeholder and decision-maker in the learning process.

The Seneca Falls Central School District has been recognized for excellence. Mynderse Academy continues to have a strong graduation rate and offers several college-level courses. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School has also been recognized as a "New York State High Achieving Elementary School" and has been named a Blue Ribbon School from the United States Education Department. Seneca Falls Middle School has been recognized as a "New York State School Committed to Character" by the Academy of Character Education.  Frank Knight Elementary School boasts a very strong Balanced Literacy Program and a strong character education program. The district is very proud of its accomplishments.

Students receive a quality education in each of the four schools. A strong reading and balanced literacy standards-based program at the elementary level provides students with comprehension and vocabulary skills while matching students to text at their instructional level.  The math program provides students with standards-based hands-on opportunities that result in increased skill levels. Outstanding New York State Assessment results in ELA, math, social studies, and science are evidence of excellent daily instruction at the elementary level.  Students also receive instruction in special area courses, as well as many extra out-of-the-classroom learning experiences. The elementary schools receive strong parental support. Many volunteers assist with classroom instruction and activities. Parent organizations at each school provide generous financial support for programs and activities not covered by the district budget.

Students receive meaningful instruction in each of the core area subjects at the middle and high school levels. Instruction is skills-based and aligned to learning standards. Students are also provided with opportunities to receive instruction in a wide variety of special area subjects; such as family and consumer sciences, technology education, physical education, business education, music, performing arts, etc. These courses provide students with a well-rounded education in our district. Mynderse Academy has a strong community service component, requiring students to achieve twenty hours of community service prior to graduation. Seneca Falls Middle School has a strong Parent Team and Student Council that participates in many community service projects.

The district is quite proud of its progress with information technology. Students have access to a wide variety of digital tools and content, which are used as part of the daily teaching and learning process. Wireless access allows students to connect to devices throughout each school's campus. Emphasis on digital content that supports curriculum and enables students to access leveled instructional materials is evident at all grade levels.

Strong Performing Arts and Athletic Departments also provide many co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for students.

The District also boasts a strong working partnership with the community and area businesses/agencies. Educational programs and student opportunities are provided as a result of our strong community partnerships.

I would invite you to visit each of our schools through our website, Facebook and Twitter account to learn more about our district and its programs.


Jeramy Clingerman


Mr. Jeramy Clingerman


Seneca Falls Central School 
District Office
2 Butler Avenue
Seneca Falls, NY  13148

Monica Kuney
District Clerk, Human Resources
315.568.5500 Ext. 5215

Jackie Brown
Student Census, Employment Application Contact
315.568.5500 Ext. 5216

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