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Filter Certificate

iBoss Filter Certificate

If you have a device that isn't a district-owned device, you will need to install a certificate to allow access to some web sites that utilize SSL/TLS on the district network.  

Please download the iBoss certificate attached to this page onto your device and follow the on-screen instructions for your specific browser. 

iBoss Certificate

For Chrome Browser

Settings,  Advanced,  Under Privacy and Security,  Select Manage Certificates

Under the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities,  Import

For Firefox Browser

Options,  Privacy & Security,  Scroll down to certificates ( bottom of page)

View Certificates,  Under Authorities,  Select Import

For Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer,  Click "Tools.",  Click "Internet Options."

Click "Content.",  Click "Certificates.",  Under Trusted Root Certificate Authorities

Import,  Click "OK" to save your changes.