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School Counseling Office

High School and Middle School Counselors

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor
M.S. Ed., C.A.S.
MA School Counselor
Last Names: A-L
Grades 9-12

Email Mrs. Taylor
315-568-5500, ext. 2152

Sheri Doell

Sheri Doell
M.S. Ed.
Middle School Counselor
Grades 6-8

Email Mrs. Doell
315-568-5500, ext. 2151


Daniel Bobbett
M.S. Ed., C.A.S.
MA School Counselor
Last Names: M-Z
Grades 9-11

Email Mr. Bobbett
315-568-5500, ext. 2155

School Psychologist/School Social Worker

professional photo of Abigail Bourcy


Abigail Bourcy
School Psychologist
Grades 6-12

Email Ms. Bourcy
315-568-5500, ext. 2215


Picture of a staff member


Stacey Bogart
School Social Worker
Grades 6-12

Email Mrs. Bogart
315-568-5500, ext. 2216



Tarryn Gould
M.A. / L.A.S.
School Psychologist
Grades PreK-2 & 6-8

Email Mrs. Gould
315-568-5500, ext. 2218

School-Based Community Counselors

Michelle Joseph

Michele Joseph
Seneca County Drug & Alcohol Counselor
Email Mrs. Joseph
315-568-5500, ext. 2153




Natalie Pistor
Seneca County Community Counseling Center
Email Mrs. Pistor
315-568-5500, ext. 1129


Counseling Department Support Staff

Laura Wilkie


Laura Wilkie
Counseling Department Secretary

Email Mrs. Wilkie
315-568-5500, ext. 2150
Fax: (315)- 712-0548 


Diane Neal

Diane Neal
Data Entry

Email Mrs. Neal
315-568-5500, ext. 2154
Fax: (315)- 712-0548


Seneca County Resource Guide
This guide provides contact information for services and supports available to the community.