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School Athletic Records

Mynderse Academy has been in existence for over 140 years and during those years men and women have accomplished great athletic feats.  Unfortunately, the collection of outstanding team and individual achievements has been sporadic at best, until now.

The Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Committee has undertaken the task of collecting historical sport records from current and past coaches.  The Committee not only wishes to collect these historical records but plans to post them for anyone to view and for future reference. Hopefully, these records will serve as stimulus to all Mynderse students as a measure to surpass.

Over the next few years, the Committee hopes to collect and post data on all sports, if possible. 

Please keep these points in mind:

  1. The Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Committee believes the records posted are accurate. Although, if you feel that a record is incorrect, you may address the matter by using the contact feature below.  If you wish to challenge a record, please specify what record you wish to challenge, provide what you think is the correct record AND provide a source for your claim.  Thank you.
  2. The Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is in the initial stages of developing this record keeping site.  If you wish to have a record recognized, that hasn’t been posted, please specify what record you wish to have added, provide who or what team holds the record, AND provide a source to support your information.  All additions will be reviewed by the HOF Committee before being added to the website.
  3. PLEASE NOTE:  This section of the Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame website is a work in progress.  Certain sports have not kept records over the years, so some postings may highlight an achievement that is current but does not take into account what was achieved in the past.  In these instances, we need your assistance in discovering the true level of achievement through the use of the contact feature below. In addition, since some sports did not keep records, we have no place to start. If you think you know of a record for a sport that only shows "Records are not available at this time”, please use the contact feature below and provide the information you have.  Thank you.

The Committee hopes you will enjoy looking through this collection of noteworthy athletic accomplishments.

Email: Ted Novak

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