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Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame

Mynderse Athletic Hall of Fame wall

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The Hall of Fame Committee would like to thank the following sponsors of the 2023 induction ceremony.  The success of this event is made possible through their generous donations.




The Bonafiglia Family Foundation

Seneca Meadows



Tony & Elaine Ferrara                Ron & Dina Sandroni                Kirk & Patty Ward

John & Maxine Nicholson     Madelyn & Peyton Verkey            Jeffrey Manning

Mike Marriam                        Marilyn & Charles Brady             Ron Fleury

Ted & Pat Novak                     Dave & Debbie Swenson             Anonymous

Dr. Tim Ryan                            John & Diana Pannucci              Xylem Corporation    

Mark & Patty Scheuerman         Above the Rim Club                 Scott & Mary Smith   

Dan & Joanne Caraher          George & Diane Valesente           Liz & Steve Becht       

Bob & Barb Spano                   Bob & Linda McKeveny              David & Donna Baker

Michael & Fran Ferrara                                                               Wonderful Life Run    

Jan Caraccilo – In Memory of Vince Caraccilo    

Alan & Doreen Brown – In Memory of Angelo Suffredini

George & Kathleen Capacci – In Memory of Albert & Margret Capacci

Dr. Michael & Carolyn Riccione – In Memory of Dominico & Mary Riccione

David & Kathy Ferrara – In Memory of Anthony & Jane Ferrara

Michael Ferrara – In Honor of the 1994 Girls’ Basketball Team

Rod & Char Verkey – In Memory of Abe & Helen Verkey



Class of 2023:

Lifetime Contributor – Thomas Giarrusso
Prelude to Title IX Recipient – Kathleen Harrison
Honored Team – 2011 and 2012 Softball Teams
Robert Alcott - Class of 1998
Sierra Devine Ende - Class of 2012
Myles Knipper - Class of 2006
Frank Miller - Class of 1971
William Pagano - Class of 1965
Shawn Wilson - Class of 2009

At this time, the MAA HOF is accepting all contributions for this year’s induction. Our organization has been blessed with donations over the past many years. All donations are used primarily to offset the cost of the induction ceremony. Contributions can be given to any HOF Committee member or mailed to the treasurer: Michael Ferrara at 7 Seneca Lane, Seneca Falls, NY 13148.

The Committee thanks all readers and hopes that you will be able to attend this year’s induction ceremony.

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Athletic Hall of Fame Newsletters

If you have any questions or comments related to the Athletic Hall of Fame, please contact us via the link below:

Email: Ted Novak

Click the link below for the easy to complete, online nomination form to nominate a team or player. You do not need to provide athletic accomplishments when you nominate.

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Basic Hall Information


The Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame was created to provide a forum to honor and provide a permanent tribute to those individuals who have made significant contributions to athletics at Mynderse Academy and/or who have left Mynderse and gone on to make “outstanding” contributions in the world of athletics.

Eligibility Criteria

A. Attended Mynderse Academy and participated in interscholastic athletics sponsored by the Seneca Falls School District for a minimum of two years OR

B. Coached a Seneca Falls School District team or teams for a minimum of five years OR

C. Made a significant contribution to the students of Mynderse Academy through interscholastic athletics OR

D. Attended Mynderse Academy and may not have necessarily participated in the sports program but made significant contributions in the world of sports OR

E. A female athlete who attended Mynderse prior to 1972.  Prior to 1972, female athletes were not given the same interscholastic athletic competition opportunities.  The Hall does not want to overlook female athletes prior to 1972.

Criteria For All Candidates

F.  Is and has been of good moral character

G. A ten year waiting period is required for induction from the time of graduation from the Academy.


Rod Verkey
Michael Marriam
Ted Novak
Tony Ferrara
Elizabeth Bruch Becht
Lisa Caraccilo Anderson
Jodie Docteur Verkey
Michael Ferrara 
Robert McKeveny

Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Files

Download this file for information on how to make a donation.Hall of Fame Donation Letter

 All nominees need to complete this form by June 1.MA Hall of Fame Nominee Information

A nominee uses this form for a letter of recommendation.MA Hall of Fame Letter of Recommendation Form