• A Messge for Parents of Remote Learners who would like School Meals

    USDA has updated their guidance for feeding students during remote learning or COVID-related building closures. Once the school year begins Seneca Falls Food Services will offer FREE MEALS to ALL enrolled Remote Learners until the USDA Waiver ends on December 31, 2020. Starting in January, Full pay students will need to pay for meals at their regular rate (there MUST be money on their account to pay for meals that are pre-ordered). Lunch prices are $2.80 for all grade levels. Breakfast prices are $1.80 for all grade levels.

    Starting September 14, 2020, Grab & Go breakfast and lunch will be available curbside for enrolled students who are enrolled in learning remotely from home. Children need to be enrolled in Seneca Falls Central Schools to receive meals. Parents may pick up the student's meals, without them being present in the Mynderse Academy Bus Loop from 10:15am until 10:45 am. When picking up meals, we will need your student’s meal ID# or first and last name. If you have not completed a current-year meal application, applications will be available online or at your child(s) respective school.

    Starting September 11, 2021 meals can be pre-ordered using the online order form, click here, or it can be found on the District website, under Resources. Meal Order(s) for the following day’s pick-up must be submitted by 7pm the night before. Families with multiple SFCSD students will have to complete a form for each student. Vehicles will need to open their trunk or back hatch for meals to be placed in vehicle. Children do not need to be present to receive a meal. Parents and caregivers will be asked to share student’s meal ID# or first and last name. Once meals are placed in vehicle please pull forward and exit vehicle to shut trunk or hatch. Staff will not be allowed to touch vehicles to open or shut trunks, doors, and hatches. Staff will be required to keep a 6-foot distance from all vehicle occupants. After picking up meals, all children and families are asked to honor social distancing and refrain from congregating. We appreciate everyone's consideration of this request. If you have any questions feel free to call 315-712- 0514 or email slawrence@senecafallscsd.org.