Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

  • The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).  The purpose of the society is to recognize high achievement of high school students in the Spanish language and to promote a continuing interest in Hispanic and Portuguese studies.
    -from SHH website

    The Quetzalcoátl Chapter was established by the LOTE Department and will induct new members this fall.
    Requirements for membership: 
    • I am enrolled in Spanish IV, and have completed previous Spanish courses.
    • I have a minimum 90% unweighted cumulative average of all Spanish courses taken from 8th grade to the present. **
    • I have a minimum 85% unweighted cumulative average of all high school courses. **
    • I have a behavioral record free from suspension, instances of academic dishonesty, and/or a pattern of inappropriate behavior.  

    **If you don't meet all requirements, you may still be considered for membership.

    Once accepted to the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, students must...
        1.  Participate in meetings and activities of the honor society,
        2.  Attend induction ceremony for new members of the honor society,
        3.  Maintain a behavioral record free from detentions, suspensions, or academic dishonesty,
        4.  Complete through Spanish IV.
    Other pertinent information:

    1. Current officers will be required to speak at the induction ceremony, to welcome new members.
    2. A mandatory practice will be held during 10th period the day of the induction ceremony (the ceremony will be held later that night).
    3. All members are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities to help cover expenses for the induction ceremony, membership certificate, and honor cords to be worn at graduation.
    4. All members will also be automatic officer of the Foreign Language Club, and therefore will be responsible for organizing activities open to all students at the Middle School and Mynderse Academy!


  • We will be inducting this Fall!  Listen for information on how to apply from Señora McKeveny. 


  • Capítulo Quetzalcoátl 2016-2017
    Rachael Burdick - la presidenta
    Stephen Travis - el vicepresidente
    Katelyn Watkins - la secretaria
    Marion (Buddy) Paige - el tesorero
    Lauren Tyler
    Nicole Ferrara
    Brittany Baker
    Maria Gallina
    Lauren Aceto
    Catrina Peterson
    Alexandra Peterman
    Hayley Case
    Jordan Marr
    Samuel Micio
    Jacob Jones
    Capítulo Quetzalcoátl 2015-2016
    Hannah Miller - la presidenta
    Michael Garafalo - el vicepresidente
    Catherine Porter - la secretaria
    Sophia Foster - la tesorera
    Catherine Shumway
    Madison Hilimire
    Ashleigh Johnson
    Haley Lang
    Gillian Lamb
    Samantha Impastato
    Lauren Major
    Tyler Foulkrod
    Cameron MacDonald
    Rachael Burdick
    Langhston Smith

    Los primeros miembros de la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica: Capítulo Quetzalcoátl 2014-2015:
    Abigail Giovannini
    Morgan Howell
    Sarah Prentice
    Mercedes Steel
    Corrine Tilton

    ¡Felicidades a todas!