Health Insurance

  • Seneca Falls Central School District
    Health/Dental Insurance Plans

    Active Employee (Instructional and Non-Instructional)
    Types of Coverage (Single, 2 Person, Family No Spouse, and Family

    **See plan details at the bottom**

    Blue Point 2 $15 Select (BP2 15)

    Blue Point 2 $20 Value  (BP2 20)
    Healthy Blue $15          (HB 15)
    Healthy Blue $30          (HB 30)
    Health Blue High Deductible (HB HD)

    Dental Blue 3               (Instructional)
    Dental Blue 1 Modified   (Support Staff)

    *District employees are directed to view the shared Google folder which contains all updated Health Insurance information.



    What is the difference between an HRA, and FSA and a DCFSA?

    HRA stands for Health Reimbursement Account.  An HRA contains funds the District gives an employee for various reasons.  Because an HRA is District funded, the funds roll over from year to year.  Funds in an HRA are not “use it or lose it”. 

    FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account.  An FSA is funds that an employee sets aside to use for medical expenses.  An FSA is funded through payroll deduction.  The advantage to an FSA is that deductions are made on a pre-tax basis, thus reducing your taxable income.  FSA funds are “use it or lose it” funds and are subject to IRS regulations.  Check out to see what’s reimbursable and what’s not.  Regulations will be changing January 1, 2011, are the changes effective January 1.

    DCFSA is Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.  A DCFSA is only for people with eligible child care expenses, although there are provisions if you need care for a disabled spouse. 

    More information is available for all of the above topics at

    When is the “Plan Year"? 

    The Plan Year starts in September and runs through August.  There is a “run off” period where funds from a prior year can be exhausted.  The Run-Off period is September and October.  In order to access funds for a prior year, you MUST file a paper claim.

    Do I have to use my Beniversal Card?

    No.  If you choose NOT to use your Beniversal Card, you can file a paper claim to be reimbursed for medical expenses.

    If I use my Beniversal Card, why do I need receipts?

    You need to keep your receipts in case your HRA or FSA account is audited by the IRS.  Sometimes when you use your Beniversal Card you need to provide receipts to prove that the service was allowed under IRS regulations.

    When can I opt-in for an FSA or DCFSA?

    Open enrollment is in May with an effective date of September 1. 


    Who should I call if I have questions on a co-pay or service I thought was covered?

    You should call BCBS Customer Service.  Their number is 800-462-0108.  You will need your Subscriber Identification Number.

    When can I change my insurance plan?

    Open Enrollment (when anyone can change for any reason) is in May with an effective date of July 1.  If you have a “qualifying event” during the year, you can make a change at that time as well.  A “qualifying event” is marriage, birth, divorce, change of job status (you are newly hired), or death.  If you are unsure, please feel free to call and ask.

    Why can’t my spouse call and get answers about my benefits?

    Your spouse can call and get information about your benefits, but you have to authorize that it is okay for the Benefits Coordinator to discuss your information with your spouse or other designated representative.  HIPPA rules do not apply only to hospitals and doctors offices!