Frank Knight Reading Corner

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    Our Message to Parents

    A teacher can help your child acquire the skills necessary for learning how to read, but support from home is essential.  As your child's most influential teacher, YOU have the power to mold your child into "A Reader".   Being able to read is really just a small part of being "A Reader".  There are many people who can read, but choose not to.  Your input as a parent will have an affect on how your child views reading. 

    What You Need To Make Your Child "A Reader"

    • 15-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
    • a quiet spot with no TV or other distractions
    • a comfortable place with good lighting
    • books that your child brings home from school
    • a great book from your home library, the school library, or the public library
    • a parent's full attention

    Frank Knight Reading Teachers
    Mrs. Carleen Mull
    Ms. Lois Dugo