Athletic Facilities Use and Athletic Forms

  • How to become a Facility Requester:
    Go to

    • Become a requester
    • Fill in name/email
    • Type in security check
    • Create account

    You will be emailed your verification. Follow the link to verify your requester’s account.

    • Click verify my account
    • Fill out the information with the asterisk*
    • Once all information is filled in
      • Do security check again
      • Click submit registration form

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are now logged in and can make facility requests.

    How to Make a Facility Request

    • Name the request
      • Pick date(s)
      • Set times
      • Save and continue
    • If there is a set up/ tear down time please specify
    • To pick a location
      • Choose building
      • Choose location
      • View
        • If there is a conflict it will come up in red
      • If this location is good click the select tab
      • If more rooms/space are required click on select & Add more
      • Once all rooms have been selected click on Book
      • If you need equipment, special needs, type that into the box under other information.
      • Once all information is in click on submit and exit.
        • If you have more than one request to do at a time, click on submit and add another

    The request will go to Jackie Brown.

    You can check on the status of your request by logging into your account and looking under request history.

    Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

    Jackie Brown – 315-568-5500 ext. 3216 or email at

    Or contact – Chris Greer 315-568-5500 ext. 2134 or email


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