Our Weekly Specials

  • Specials Schedule

     snack  We have a daily morning snack. Please send a healthy snack with your child each day that they can care for and open on their own. If they bring in pudding or a fruit cup, don't forget to send a spoon. If a birthday treat is sent in, we will eat it at our snack time. 

    Breakfast is available each morning for $1.75.

    Lunch  12:00-12:35 (Feel free to join us for lunch!)   Student lunches are $2.45. Milk is .50. Breakfast and Lunch can be pre-paid.


                library Library 12:45-1:20 Mrs. Coffey



                music Music 9:45-10:15 Mrs. Martin Tanner

                 pysical education P.E. 2:05-2:40 Mr. Ward



                 art Art 9:45-10:20 Mrs. Olmstead

                      computer Computer 2:10-2:40



              pysical education P.E. 9:45-10:20 Mr. Ward

                    computer Computer 1:35-2:05



                     music  Music 11:05-11:35 Mrs. Martin-Tanner

               pysical education P.E. 2:05-2:40 Mr. Ward